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About Us


‘The Fair Deal Conveyancing Register’ provides fixed fee conveyancing quotations on behalf of a large panel of like-minded solicitors. Because of the volumes of conveyancing work we place we are able to negotiate the lowest fees and most competitive terms. Unlike some others, the transaction types covered by the register are extensive and include facilities for buying, selling, remortgaging and the transfers of titles. The service provides a fixed quote for the legal work typically required for each transaction type and an estimate of the fixed and variable disbursements such as searches and land registry fees. All quotations are on a no completion no fee basis – a valuable feature with is unconditional* and free of charge.* Excludes properties being purchased or sold at auction


The Fair Deal Conveyancing Register was first launched in 1996.  Originally operating from the Central Midlands The Fair Deal Conveyancing Register Central Administration Centre is now based in Mid-Wales.

‘The Fair Deal Conveyancing Register’ made a real difference back in 1996 by establishing new ethical standards in the areas of both transparent pricing and value for money.

‘The Fair Deal Conveyancing Register’ achieved this renaissance in domestic conveyancing by contracting with high street solicitors across England and Wales to undertake a postal, telephone and email based conveyancing service under the strict rules of the register for a fair Fixed Fee. Today our terms of membership are more onerous, insisting on the efficiencies of e-commerce and high service standards. We believe that our offer is still the best in town, wherever that town may be.


Although our administration centre now based in Mid-Wales, the Solicitors who subscribe to the register are spread across England and Wales, although they tend to avoid the higher cost based centres such as London and the South West. They operate as specialist in the direct conveyancing market offering both a quality service and tremendous value for money.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim has always been to provide an efficient low cost direct conveyancing service from the offices of high street solicitors. Our service embodies three important principles, which are – Simple, Fair & Certain.

Simple – Just pick up the phone and call FREE for an instant no obligation quotation – Available on-line now too !

Fair – Transparent pricing with no hidden charges and disbursements passed on at cost !

Certain – Our fees are fixed together with an unconditional*, No Completion No Fee offer, which being free of charge will rival any other provider !

Added to this is a pricing structure that was, and still is, second to none, and all this provided by freely accessible High Street Solicitors and NOT just teams licensed conveyances who may not be accessible to the public.

The Direct Conveyancing Process

The conveyancing process lends itself well to a postal based system that does not require a location in a large city or the necessity of being in the proximity of either the client's location or the location of any particular property or solicitor. Apart from the fact that we deal in larger volumes, this is a major factor in how we can offer an excellent service and still maintain value for money.

What is Direct Conveyancing?

Direct Conveyancers carry out residential conveyancing, generally in larger volumes, as a discrete legal service. Practices specialising in Direct Conveyancing tend to focus on the best of technology available and increasingly take advantage of electronic communications. However, they can, of course, communicate with their clients by whichever means their clients prefer. Crucially Direct Conveyancers operate without requiring the customer to attend their offices.

Solicitors Interested in Joining The Register

‘The Fair Deal Conveyancing Register’ has been providing instruction and quotation management and introductory services to solicitors for a number of years. The company is now located in mid-Wales. Our offer to Solicitors, should they meet our criteria, is to provide a constant flow of pre-instructed domestic conveyancing clients on a fixed fee, no completion no fee basis. Our conveyancing service is promoted to the end user as a ‘direct’ conveyancing service in that it is intended to be primarily a postal, telephone and email service where the clients do not, under normal circumstance, have any need to visit the Solicitors offices. Our Central Administration Centre deals with all pre-instruction quotations and enquiries leaving the solicitor free to focus on post instruction issues from ID check onwards. All solicitors on the register must be located within England and Wales and must provide certain guaranteed standards of work and communication. If you are interested in learning more about our service, or would like to apply to join, please apply using the link below.

Panel Applicants Registration Page